Front Row: Sis. Eunice Wardlow, Sis. Beatrice Shobe, Sis. Clyde Marie Bibbs

Back Row: Sis. Bonnie Hudson, Sis. Shirley Yarbrough, Sis. Frances Bailey, Sis. Cassandra Hoges


I am persuaded by the teachings of the blessed bible -by daily reading,meditation, and communion with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ:

-To live an upright Christian Life

-To Practice his teachings in my dealings with my Fellow man

-To dedicate my talents and give my time, influence and means to teaching or spreading the christian religion at home and abroad.

- To win souls through personal service for Christ.

- To Encourage and help in the Enlistment of young people in Christian work and make my home a center of Christian Light and Love.

To these Ends - I pledge- To devote myself and seek Divine aid and guidance daily- that I may become a living witness and a bright and shining light for my Lord.